Personal Experience with the SawStop ICS73480-36

As a professional woodworker with over a decade of experience in the industry, my encounter with various table saws has been extensive, to say the least. However, the SawStop ICS73480-36 has made a significant impact on how I approach my projects. From the moment I assembled and started using this saw, it was clear that it was built to handle rigorous tasks with ease.

Initial Impressions

Setting up the SawStop ICS73480-36 was straightforward. The assembly instructions were clear, and the components fit together seamlessly, which is not always the case with industrial machinery. The immediate standout feature was, of course, the safety system.

The peace of mind that comes from the blade-stopping technology is invaluable, especially in a high-traffic workshop where attention can sometimes be divided.

Daily Use and Reliability

On a day-to-day basis, the saw performs exceptionally. The 7.5HP motor cuts through hardwoods like walnut and maple as if they were butter, with no bog down or blade hesitation. The 36-inch T-Glide Fence is a true workhorse, providing consistently accurate cuts without any deflection. For someone who values precision in every cut, this is a major plus.

The dust collection system is another feature that stands out. Keeping the workspace clean and free from excessive dust not only helps in maintaining a safer environment but also extends the life of the tools. With the SawStop ICS73480-36, the above and below table dust collection mechanisms work efficiently, capturing about 99% of the dust, which is impressive compared to other saws I’ve used.

The Benefits and Use Cases

For any professional woodworker, particularly those involved in making fine furniture or detailed cabinetry, this saw is a boon. Its robust construction and precision make it ideal for complex cuts and repetitive tasks where accuracy is paramount. Additionally, for a workshop that prioritizes safety without compromising on power and performance, this SawStop model is a clear standout.

One of the use cases where this saw really shines is in production settings where multiple operators use the saw throughout the day. The reliability and safety features ensure that all skill levels can operate the saw with minimal risk, and the durability means it can withstand continuous use without degradation in performance.

Extended Use Insights

Over the months, I’ve grown to appreciate the finer details of the SawStop ICS73480-36 that enhance my workflow. The easy reach start and stop switch, for instance, is conveniently located. This might seem like a small feature, but when you’re handling large sheets of material or intricate pieces, the ability to quickly and safely stop the machine is crucial.

Adjusting the blade for different cuts is notably smooth, thanks to the finely machined hand wheels. The tactile feedback from these controls gives you a sense of precision as you dial in the exact height and angle needed. This precision is reflected in the consistency of the cuts, which is vital for projects that require exact tolerances, such as fine joinery work.

Another aspect that has greatly impacted my use is the large table size. It comfortably supports large pieces of wood, which is essential for projects like large-scale furniture or cutting down full sheets of plywood. This capability has allowed me to expand the range of projects I take on, knowing that I can rely on the stability and support the table offers.

Purchasing Experience from Beaver Industrial Supply

Purchasing the SawStop ICS73480-36 from Beaver Industrial Supply was a remarkably positive experience. From the outset, their customer service was outstanding, providing detailed advice and answering every question I had about the saw’s capabilities and suitability for my workshop.

Their knowledge of the product was impressive, which helped me feel confident in my decision. The ordering process was smooth, and the delivery was prompt and hassle-free. The saw arrived in perfect condition, with all parts accounted for and securely packaged. The after-sales support was also commendable; they followed up to ensure that the setup went well and that I was satisfied with the performance of the machine.

Overall, dealing with Beaver Industrial Supply was a pleasure, contributing significantly to my satisfaction with the purchase.

SawStop ICS73480-36 Industrial Table Saw Overview

In the realm of industrial woodworking equipment, the SawStop ICS73480-36 480v Industrial Table Saw stands out as a powerhouse tool designed for heavy-duty tasks. This review will dissect the features, benefits, and performance of this 7.5HP, 3-phase, 480v 36″ T-Glide cabinet saw, providing insights into why it’s considered the pinnacle of industrial-grade cabinet saws.

The SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw represents the zenith of design for high-performance and safety in woodworking. Its substantial build includes a 10″ blade powered by a robust 7.5HP motor that operates on a three-phase, 480v system. Notably, the saw is equipped with a 36″ Industrial T-Glide Fence Assembly, ensuring precise cuts with unwavering durability and reliability.

Construction and Durability

Weighing nearly 700 lbs, the ICS73480-36 is built from iron and steel, emphasizing stability and strength. The sheer mass of the saw underlines its capability to handle intense, prolonged use without compromising on performance. The large, machined cast iron table provides an expansive work surface, which is critical for managing larger materials or complex jobs.

Safety Features

A standout feature of the SawStop saws is their patented safety system, which detects contact with skin and stops the blade in less than 5 milliseconds, dropping it below the table to minimize injury to just a scratch. This system alone has revolutionized safety standards in the woodworking industry.

Additionally, the saw features a Lock-Out Tag-Out switch to prevent unauthorized use and interlock switches on motor access panels to ensure the saw cannot operate with open doors, enhancing safety during maintenance and inspection.

Fence and Rails

The 36-inch T-Glide Fence & Rail made from heavy-gauge steel ensures sure lockdown and precise measurements without deflection. This setup not only improves accuracy but also enhances the user experience by providing smooth operation throughout its lifespan.

The 36-inch T-Glide Fence on this saw ensures precision and reliability in every cut. For projects requiring wider materials, models like the SawStop ICS73480-52 480v Industrial Table Saw 52″ T-Glide and the SawStop ICS73230-52 230v Industrial Table Saw 52″ T-Glide offer a larger 52-inch rip capacity, expanding the possibilities for larger-scale projects.

Dust Collection System

Dust management is critical in maintaining a clean and safe working environment. The SawStop ICS73480-36 excels with a dust collection system that captures 99% of dust produced above and below the table. The system includes a blade guard for above-table collection and advanced shrouding around the blade for below-table dust control. This comprehensive approach significantly reduces cleanup time and enhances the overall air quality in the workspace.

Performance and Precision

The heart of the SawStop industrial table saw lies in its powerful 7.5HP, 480v motor, which ensures uninterrupted cutting through even the toughest materials. Precision is maintained with easy-to-adjust controls for blade height and tilt, and the smooth cranking adjustments add to the ergonomic design.

For those whose workshops are set up with a 230v supply, similar models such as the SawStop ICS73230-52 230v 52″ Table Saw and the SawStop ICS73230-36 230v 36″ Table Saw provide equivalent horsepower but are tailored for different electrical setups.

The saw’s reliability is further bolstered by an onboard computer within the control box, which continuously checks all systems to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Pros and Cons of SawStop ICS73480-36 Industrial Table Saw


  • Patented Safety System: Stops the blade instantly upon contact with skin, significantly reducing the risk of severe injuries.
  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 7.5HP, 3-phase, 480v motor that handles tough materials with ease.
  • 36″ T-Glide Fence System: Ensures precise measurements and reliable lockdown without deflection.
  • Robust Construction: Nearly 700 lbs of iron and steel provide unmatched durability and stability.
  • Large Cast Iron Table: Offers extensive support and workspace for large projects.
  • Advanced Dust Collection: Achieves 99% dust capture above and below the table, improving cleanliness and air quality.
  • Ergonomic Design: Features such as easily accessible controls and smooth adjustment mechanisms enhance user comfort and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Dust Management: Includes a blade guard for above-table dust collection and a 4″ port for below-table dust extraction.
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish: Adds an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.
  • Integrated Mobile Base (optional): Provides flexibility and ease of movement within the workshop.


  • High Cost: The initial investment for the SawStop ICS73480-36 is significant, making it less accessible for hobbyists or smaller operations.
  • Weight and Size: Its substantial weight and size require a dedicated space, which might not be feasible in smaller workshops.
  • Complexity: The advanced features and safety systems may require a steeper learning curve for less experienced users.
  • Power Requirements: The 480v power requirement may necessitate electrical upgrades in some workshops.
  • Mobile Base Not Standard: The integrated mobile base, which adds significant utility, is not included as standard equipment and must be purchased separately.

Compatibility and Versatility

The SawStop ICS73480-36 table saw is designed to be versatile and adaptable to various woodworking needs. It features extension wings and an extension table with 36″ rails, allowing for greater material handling capacity and support for larger pieces. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of industrial applications, from cabinetry and furniture making to more specialized construction projects.

SawStop ICS73480-36 Industrial Table Saw Specifications

Motor7.5hp, 3 Phase, 480V, 9A
Cabinet Footprint20″ w x 25″ d
Cast Iron Table24″ w x 30″ d
Table with Extension Wings44″ w x 30″ d
Extension Wings10″ w x 30″ d each
Extension Table (36 in rails)24″ w x 30″ d
Total Weight (with 36 in fence system)635 lbs
BladeProfessional grade, 5/8″ arbor
Blade Diameter10″
Blade TiltLeft
Blade Kerf0.118″ (3mm)
Blade Plate Thickness0.078″ (2mm)
Maximum Depth of Cut at 0º3 1/8″
Maximum Depth of Cut at 45º2 1/4″
Maximum Rip Right of Blade36 1/2″ (with optional 36″ rails)
Maximum Rip Left of Blade12 1/2″
Dado Diameter8″ (requires separate brake cartridge and insert)
Dado Maximum Width13/16″
Arbor Diameter at Blade5/8″
Main Bearing Size62mm OD x 30mm ID
Second Bearing Size52mm OD x 25mm ID
Table in Front of Blade (max. elevation)10 3/4″
Table Behind Blade (max. elevation)10″
Arbor Runout0.001″ Maximum allowable runout
Table Flatness Measured Diagonally0.010″ Maximum gap
Blade Alignment with Miter Slot0.010″ Maximum displacement
Deviation of Miter Gauge Indexing Stops from Actual±0.25º
Alignment between Splitter and Blade0.010″ Maximum difference
Miter SlotsT-shaped, 3/4″ at top, 1″ at bottom, 3/8″ deep
Miter Slots Center11 1/8″ center-to-center
Dust Collection Port Diameter4″
Riving Knife/Splitter Thickness0.090″ (2.3 mm)
Blade Guard (Dust Collection)Polycarbonate, extends only 1 3/16″ to right of blade
Blade Guard (Micro Guard)N/A
InsertZero clearance, phenolic core, melamine surfaces
Hand Wheels8″ diameter, cast iron w/ chrome handle
Belts2 V-ribbed belts
Overall Dimensions69 1/4″ w x 36 1/2″ d x 34″ h

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

SawStop is known for its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, and the ICS73480-36 is a testament to this philosophy. Regular updates and upgrades to the design and technology of their saws ensure that users are always working with the most advanced and safest equipment available. This commitment extends to their customer service and support, which helps users maximize the potential of their table saws through comprehensive guidance and assistance.

A Measured Recommendation

The SawStop ICS73480-36 480v Industrial Table Saw is a formidable tool, crafted for professionals who demand precision, reliability, and safety in their equipment. Its heavy-duty construction paired with innovative safety features and a powerful motor makes it a top choice for industrial woodworking facilities. Whether it’s the smooth operation, extensive safety features, or the robust build quality, this saw checks all the boxes for a professional-grade cabinet saw.

This saw is not just a tool but a pivotal equipment piece in the arsenal of any serious woodworker or manufacturing facility, promising to deliver outstanding results with every use.

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