A User’s Perspective on the Baileigh STS-14120

As a longtime operator of various industrial saws, transitioning to the Baileigh STS-14120 was a notable upgrade for my workspace, primarily focused on large-scale custom furniture production. This saw has been a game-changer for us, not just in terms of output but also in precision and ease of use.

Daily Operations and Real-World Performance

On a typical day, we handle several types of wood, cutting large batches for various projects. The STS-14120’s capability to switch between three different blade speeds is invaluable, allowing us to adapt quickly to different materials, from softwoods to dense hardwoods.

The 14-inch blade capacity, without requiring modifications, provides the extra depth needed for thicker materials, which was a limitation of our previous equipment.

Handling and Operation

Each morning, as I fire up the STS-14120, the first thing I appreciate is its reliability. Whether it’s the first cut of the day or the hundredth, the saw’s performance remains consistent. The scoring blade is particularly effective, leaving a finely finished edge on even the most challenging materials. This feature alone has saved us hours of manual finishing work, which was not only tedious but also a bottleneck in our production line.

The machine’s smooth sliding table deserves special mention. It supports the wood securely and moves effortlessly, a real boon when you’re maneuvering large, heavy panels. It’s one thing to read about these features in a product description; it’s another to feel that ease of motion in action, reducing what was once a two-person job to a one-person operation, thereby streamlining our workflow and reducing labor costs.

Adjustability and Versatility

Another aspect of the STS-14120 that has enhanced our operations is its adjustability. The ability to quickly switch between different blade speeds tailored to the material we are cutting has minimized tool changes and setup times. For instance, when shifting from soft pine to dense oak, the adjustment is straightforward and quick, keeping our production line moving without hitches.

The digital readout for blade adjustments has proved indispensable. Precision in woodworking isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s crucial for fitting parts together seamlessly. Before we had this saw, achieving such precision often involved a bit of guesswork and frequent re-measuring. Now, adjustments are precise and repeatable, which is critical for projects requiring a high degree of accuracy.

Precision and Quality

The precision of the STS-14120 is its standout feature from a user’s perspective. The scoring blade, which spins at 8,000 RPM, ensures that every cut is clean, reducing our post-processing time significantly. Previously, fraying and splintering were issues that required additional sanding and finishing, tasks that consumed time and resources. Now, the pieces come out almost ready for assembly, which has streamlined our workflow considerably.

Ergonomics and Safety

From an ergonomics standpoint, the large sliding table is a back-saver. It glides smoothly, even with heavy, bulky sheets, which minimizes the physical strain typically associated with feeding large materials into a saw. The digital readout for the blade tilt is another feature that enhances both safety and accuracy, allowing for precise angle adjustments without the need to lean in close to the blade.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintenance-wise, the STS-14120 is designed to be user-friendly. Access to parts that need regular checks or replacements is straightforward, which helps in keeping the saw in top condition with minimal downtime. Its solid construction and quality materials give me confidence that this saw will last many years, even with the heavy use it endures in our shop.

Purchase Experience from Beaver Industrial Supply

My purchase of the Baileigh STS-14120 from Beaver Industrial Supply was an outstanding experience. Their team provided excellent service, ensuring that I was well-informed about my options and that the saw was delivered and set up with precision. Their proactive customer service and follow-up were especially impressive, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Baileigh STS-14120 Sliding Table Saw Overview

In the world of industrial woodworking, where precision and efficiency rule, the Baileigh STS-14120 Sliding Table Saw stands out as a powerhouse designed for high-volume, heavy-duty tasks. This table saw, with its robust 7.5 horsepower motor and versatile blade speeds, is engineered to handle the rigors of continuous operation across multiple shifts, making it an ideal choice for professional settings such as cabinetry manufacturing, lumber liquidation, and railroad yard work.

Design and Build Quality

The STS-14120 model emphasizes durability and ease of use in its design. It boasts a fully-extruded, anodized aluminum table measuring 15 inches by 126 inches. This large table ensures that even the most substantial wood panels—up to 10 feet in length—can be maneuvered with ease. The sliding mechanism, supported by four precision shafts, ensures smooth, jitter-free motion, which is crucial for achieving precise cuts without physical strain.

One of the key features of this saw is its rugged all-steel base, which provides exceptional stability and reduces vibrations. This foundation is essential for maintaining accuracy and alignment during extensive use. Additionally, the durable cast steel trunnion with heavy boxed ways enhances the machine’s structural integrity, allowing it to withstand the demands of industrial applications.

Performance and Features

The STS-14120 is powered by a 220-volt, three-phase, 7.5 hp motor, which drives the standard 12-inch blade mounted on a 1-inch arbor. The saw also accommodates a 14-inch blade without any modifications, providing flexibility in handling different materials. Users can choose from three blade speeds—3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 RPM—depending on the hardness and thickness of the material, which adds a layer of adaptability not found in many competing models.

Another standout feature is the 1 hp scoring blade, which operates at 8,000 RPM. This blade ensures a crisp, clean cut with minimal fraying or tearing, saving time in post-cut finishing processes such as sanding. It’s a significant advantage for professionals who value efficiency and quality in their finished products.

Safety and Maintenance

Safety is a paramount concern in any industrial equipment, and the STS-14120 addresses this with several thoughtful features. It includes a safety blade guard with a tension system that allows for easy lifting and lowering without lateral movement, reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, the saw is equipped with a 4-inch dust port, which facilitates effective dust extraction, keeping the work area clean and minimizing health hazards related to wood dust exposure.

The digital readout (DRO) integrated into the steel handwheel for blade tilting further enhances safety and precision, allowing operators to adjust the blade angle accurately and easily monitor these adjustments.

Pros and Cons of Baileigh STS-14120 Sliding Table Saw


  • Powerful Motor: Equipped with a 7.5 hp motor that runs on 220-volt 3-phase power, ideal for heavy-duty use.
  • Multiple Blade Speeds: Offers three blade speeds (3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 RPM) to cater to different materials and thicknesses.
  • Large Blade Capacity: Accepts standard 12” blades and up to 14” blades without modification, providing versatility.
  • Scoring Blade: Features a 1 hp scoring blade spinning at 8,000 RPM for crisp, clean cuts without fraying or ripping edges.
  • Large Sliding Table: Boasts a huge 15” x 125” sliding table that glides smoothly on 4 precision shafts, making it easy to handle large panels.
  • Digital Readout: Steel handwheel for tilting the blade includes a digital readout (DRO) for precise angle adjustments.
  • Sturdy Construction: Rugged all-steel base and durable cast steel trunnion ensure stability and reduce vibrations for flawless accuracy.
  • Safety Features: Includes a safety blade guard with a tension system and a 4” dust port for effective dust management.
  • CSA Certified: Meets high standards of safety and operation.
  • Warranty: Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.


  • Cost: As a high-end piece of equipment, it might represent a significant upfront investment for some businesses.
  • Complexity: May require a steeper learning curve for those not accustomed to industrial-grade machinery.
  • Size and Weight: Its substantial size (2250 lbs) and large footprint might not be suitable for smaller workshops.
  • Power Requirements: The need for 220-volt 3-phase power may not be readily available in all settings, requiring potential electrical upgrades.
  • Limited to Wood: Primarily designed for woodworking, which might not be as versatile for shops that work with a variety of materials.

Baileigh STS-14120 Sliding Table Saw Specifications

Table Size (Length)126 inches
Table Size (Width)15 inches
Max Stock Width51 inches
Table Saw Blade Diameter12 inches (standard), accepts up to 14 inches without modification
Table Saw Arbor1 inch
Table Saw Cutting Height @ 90°4.125 inches
Table Saw Cutting Height @ 45°2.75 inches
Table Saw Scoring Blade RPM8000
Table Saw Scoring Blade Diameter4.5 inches
Table Saw Scoring Blade Arbor7/8 inch
Power220V Three Phase
Horse Power7.5 HP
Weight2250 lbs
Voltage208V-240V 3Ph

Applications and Suitability

This table saw is specifically recommended for use in industrial settings where high-volume wood processing is common. It’s especially suited for experienced crews who require a machine that supports repeatable, precise cuts without the need for digital programming or extensive electronic controls.

The simplicity of its design, combined with robust construction, makes it a reliable tool in environments like cabinetry factories and lumber processing facilities.

If you’re considering other high-accuracy table saw alternatives, don’t miss our comprehensive review of Powermatic Table Saws, and also take a look at the JET Table Saw.

A Measured Recommendation

If you’re in an industry where precision and volume are paramount, the Baileigh STS-14120 is definitely worth considering. It’s not just another saw but a strategic investment that can transform how you work. While it might seem like an upfront expense, the efficiency and quality it brings to your operations could very well offset the initial cost.

For those involved in high-demand environments, particularly in cabinetry, furniture making, or lumber processing, this saw offers substantial benefits. It’s a robust, reliable tool that can handle rigorous, repeated use without faltering, ensuring that your final products are consistently of high quality.

The STS-14120 isn’t just a piece of machinery; for us, it has been a pivotal factor in meeting and exceeding production targets and client expectations.

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